The Architect’s design services shall not include normal civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services. These services shall be provided as deemed necessary by the Architect or as requested by the Owner and will be billed as a reimbursable expense at the cost incurred by the architect or at a negotiated fixed fee.

The Architect shall provide Preliminary Design Documents based on the mutually agreed upon program, schedule, and budget for the Project. These documents shall establish the conceptual design of the Project illustrating the scale and relationship of the Project components. The Preliminary Design Documents shall include a conceptual site plan, building plan, building sections and exterior elevations. Preliminary selection of major building systems and construction materials shall be indicated on the drawings.

The Architect shall provide Design Development Documents based on approved Preliminary Design Documents. The Design Development Documents shall indicate and describe the refinement of the Project design, including material and system selections, typical construction details and outline specifications identifying major components and materials and in general establishing their quality levels.

The Architect shall develop Construction Documents based on Owner approved Design Development Documents and revised budget. The Construction Documents shall set forth in detail, through complete Drawings and Specifications, the requirements and quality levels of materials and systems for construction of the Project.